Fist fight

The earliest evidence of such competitions are captured on the Sumerian, Egyptian and Minoan bas-reliefs. Tournaments in fisticuffs, reminiscent of boxing, were held in ancient Greece. Boxing really became a martial art in 688 BC. when fisticuffs were first included in the program of the ancient Olympic Games. One of the Olympic champions of that time was a famous mathematician Pythagoras. Modern boxing originated in England at the beginning XVIII century.

Boxing competition at the Summer Olympics first appeared at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis and since then have been included in the program of every subsequent games, except for the 1912 Games in Stockholm.
Competitions are held in several weight categories. At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, women’s competitions were held for the first time. In this form sports, 13 sets of awards are played.


The foundations of modern wrestling were also laid down in the ancient Olympic Games and were an integral part of them. wrestling competitions in modern era first appeared at the Summer Olympics 1896 in Athens and have since been included in the program every subsequent Games, except for the 1900 Games in Paris.
The first wrestling competitions were held in the open weight category in Greco-Roman style, a division appeared at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. weight categories and competitions were held only freestyle wrestling. From the next Summer Olympics games of 1908 in London, participants competed in both styles, only in 1912 in Stockholm wrestlers competed in Greco-Roman wrestling. Initially, all competitions were men’s, women’s freestyle wrestling was introduced on 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Judo was included in the program of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.
Sambo. The domestic self-defense system has passed a long way of development – from “freestyle wrestling” to
“self-defense without weapons” (sambo). Definition of “sambo” appeared in 1927 in the book of V. A. Spiridonov (1883—1943) – a military man who in 1921 created the basis of a new system from the best elements of various combat arts of that time. This included the techniques of the combat section of wrestling in clothes, which were taught to fighters Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army (RKKA) and the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD). V. A. Spiridonov believed that in addition to individual elements from various martial arts such as freestyle and French wrestling or boxing, it is necessary to learn and practice everyday self-defense skills, combining this with training in sportswear.

  • In 1937, the All-Union Federation (section) of judo was created, chaired by V. S. Oshchepkov,
    also one of the founders of sambo.
  • In 1966, at the Congress of the International Amateur Wrestling Federation (FILA), it was decided
    recognize sambo as an international sport.
  • In 1967, the first international sambo tournament was held in Riga, in which, in addition to the Soviet Union, teams from Yugoslavia, Mongolia, Bulgaria and Japan participated. Since 1972, the European Championships began to be held regularly, and since 1973 – the World Championships. At the same time, international tournaments became widespread. Sambo Federations began to be created in different countries – in Greece,
  • Spain, the USA, Canada, France, etc. In 1984, the International Amateur Sambo Federation was created
    (FIAS). In 1991, a split occurred in FIAS. Federations

France and individual countries of the former Soviet Union created the World Federation. In 1993, the United States arose third world federation. The merger took place only 1997 at the FIAS unification congress in Tbilisi.
Mikhail Tikhomirov was elected President of the Federation.

Many changes have taken place over the years. Joining the International SAMBO Federation of others countries have significantly changed the rules of this sport: in they included some provisions from many national
types of struggle. Of course, sambo of the middle of the 20th century is different from the wrestling of today. In 1991, after the collapse Soviet Union, held the last championship of the country. Since then, all the strongest sambists from the former Soviet republics have met only at international competitions.

In 2003, the Board of the State Committee for Sports of Russia recognized sambo is the national sport.

Mixed martial arts

In modern Russia, as and in the world, are very popular mixed martial arts. They are a universal type of combat arts. Pankration entered the program of the Olympic Games in 648 BC. e. Legends are called the creators of the pankration of the ancient Greek heroes – Theseus and Hercules. Theseus, with the help of a martial art that combines blows and wrestling, ndefeated the Minotaur, and then, becoming king (XIII century BC)
created the Isthmian Games, the program of which included martial arts. Hercules demonstrated the pankration technique in a fight with the Nemean lion.